Guide post with Suggestion - How to be a long-range sniper

Hello everyone!

Before I start writing this post, a short story will be come out.
Just read or skip into the main post.

NOTE: This post is very long and there’s no tldr stuff!

Well, a person showed me a link:

And I was surprised and excited, I’m also a gun, ballistic, scope… just a simulation game enthusiast as the guy.

But he didn’t know about specific ballistic trajectory systems and scopes! So I’ll talk all about the long-range shooting.

(Basically, I wrote the suggestion by extracting it as a guide. So this guide post is also a suggestion post!)

Well, today’s topic is the long-range shooting guide with a suggestions, and I’ll explain it with a pictures and a video.


  1. Knowing about your Scope’s reticle

There’s so many scope’s reticles in the world. Not only 6 or 8 reticles!

There’s so many sight’s reticles in the world. The different reticle you have, then there’s the different way to aim and zero your sights.

In real life, you cannot rangefinding and zero with a duplex reticle, like a CSGO’s scope.

  1. The rangefinding

The russian PSO-1 looks like this:
As you can see, the rangefinding indicator is built-in a scope.

Brought a same image as that link on the top of the post. This is how you rangefinding with the PSO scope.

But the Military Standard Mil Dot looks like this:

Since the rangefinding with Mil Dot is harder than the Russian scope, So you’ll need a calculator, lol.

(Height of Target in Yd(m) x 1,000) ÷ Height of Target in Mils = Range of the Target in Yd(m)
This is the formula, you’ll think this is easy.

But, let’s get into it.

  1. Understanding the FFP and SFP scope.

So much, so much people don’t know about this. Some of people knows about a gun, but scope? Not really.

What is the FFP and SFP scope?

Understanding it in a seconds

Example videos in a virtual image

Long Version of the explanation - Real Life

The FFP scope’s reticle will be grow with a target at any power, so you can rangefind and shoot the target at ANY magnification(power), but the reticle will be thicker that will block the target, so it’s recommended to use for hunting or a close-range, or an unknown-range rangefinding.

The SFP scope’s reticle will be remain as the same at any power, so rangefinding is possible at the Maximum Magnification only. So it’s recommended to use for a long-range shooting, or a known-range shooting(Usually, Laser Rangefinder is used for rangefinding).

Intended to be used on highest magnification in a rear or 2nd focal plane scope…
(Leupold’s site description about Mil Dot.)

Picatinny Rail Mountable, Gun Laser Rangefinder.
  1. Ballistics.

NOTE: There’s so many mathematics! I don’t know about math either, so please skip or just watch.

There’s not only a bullet drop in the ballistic trajectory. There’s so much factors for the ballistics, and that’s why a Long-Range Shooters uses the ballistic calculator in real life.
There’s so many things to calculate.

You need to bring the ballistic calculator to zero your scope - There’s the:

  • Drag Function and Ballistic Coefficient:

  • Bullet weight: Type your ammo’s weight, not including the cartridges.

  • Initial Velocity: Same meaning as the Muzzle Velocity.

  • Sight heights: Meaning of the between your sight and gun’s heights.

Type the value in your ballistic calculator, and calculate it!
Or you can go to that link and find a chart, and find a bullet drop value in Mils.

  1. Zeroing is harder than you think.

Okay, let’s talk about the most important part: The Zeroing. But don’t even think about the PUBG’s Zeroing!

That’s the elevation dial. You need to set the dial at currect number of the distance.

Use the ballistic calculator, find the bullet drop value in Mils.
Or if your ballistic trajectory doesn’t support the bullet drop value in Mils, or if you don’t have time to zero the scope - Then use this formula!

(Distance to the target in yards ÷ 100) x 3.6 =
Inch value from the center of one mil mark to the center of the next at that distance

Known bullet drop at target distance ÷
Inch value from the center of one mil mark to the center of the next at that distance =
Correct holdover for target distance

Note: Holdover means zeroing without adjusting your dial. Such as the typical FPS game.

  1. Ready? Shoot.

L o a d i n g

  1. Not really important but here’s some tips:
    You can notice that a lot of scope’s name contains a possible Min/Max Magnification.
    For example, The Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 4.5-14×50mm means:
    Made by Leupold,
    Line-Up is the Mark 4,
    4.5-14 means the Minimum Magnification is 4.5,
    And the Maximum Magnification is 14.
    50mm means the scope’s lenses’ size.

Well, here’s the suggestion part, I want these:
Various reality scope reticles,
Simulated Ballistic trajectory,
Variable Scope Magnification,
SFP and FFP scope,
Laser Rangefinder, or a Spotting scope
Easy Zeroing as the PUBG or Simulated as the ArmA,
Aaaand let’s think about it.

Thanks for reading, Leave a comment or like please.



Seems very unusual for a Unturned 4.0 guide…

…you sure this is for 4.0? /s

Suggestion is a suggestion, recently I knew that the infographic is better than the wall of text, and Honestly I wanted to write a guide, And this is the kinda… a improvement of that guy’s post.

I wonder how much Unturned player can research about game system

And I think lf the guns become deadly, the long range shooting should be ridiculously harder.

Funny to think that A kid whining about gun system, and says “This gun sucks”

Or a kid with a Ballistic Calculator.

(It took me 3 hrs to write)

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Mhm, expanding on my old concepts. I dig it. I’ll add some more neat suggestions in a comment when I’m not on a phone and have my concept archive on hand.


You lose you time writing this?!


lol thanks, by the way, I spent 3 hrs in a phone for writing this :slight_smile:

In 4.0, optic attachments can already have reticle variations (alongside color variation for that reticle). For example, the Green Chevron Reflex Sight. :slight_smile: I guess this suggestion is mostly in the context of better scope reticles, but still.

You can look at this other thing too, which Nelson also approved of in addition to the post linked in your OP.


Well can i get other links, please?

Alright. I get it. You’re a gun nut. But some of this is just, excessive. Really, really excessive. We are talking about the same game right? You’re essentially asking Nelson to jump from bullet drop and a range finder as the most complex sniping aspects, to all of this.

Let’s break it down.

  1. Several different scope reticles would be nice, but I don’t think 27 is really necessary. Around 15 would be more than adequate. I’m also curious, how do you suggest you change the reticles in game? I’d prefer to have them mostly use the same type of zoomed scopes (6x, 8x, 14x), but with interchangeable reticles. This could be done through the same inspect screen seen with guns and attachments, but the scopes themselves would have attachment slots for the reticles (whoa, meta /s). This allows for players to easily identify the scopes themselves, but leaves a lot of room for personalization and reticle swapping from time to time. While it may not be realistic, I believe it’d be a better system.

Unless you’d like there to be 27 different scopes. If so, at that point you could consider finding a scope like a gambling slot machine, you’d never really know what scope that you’ll find out of the 20 available. That would make it almost impossible to get comfortable with using a single scope available. It’s making things over complicated. Especially for a game like Unturned, it’s needless.

  1. The built in reticle range finding is a neat, simple concept. I like it because it allows for a player controlled way of determining the range while remaining very easy to learn.

  2. For the built in zooms I’d limit to only a few of the available scopes, kind of like a rarer variant. I definitely wouldn’t have these applied to all of them, this is in order to keep them simpler and to give the toggle-able zooms more value while having less indicated markers (like the hunting rifle scope vs the PSO-1). This would mean you’d need to either learn the zoom scope’s indicators, or just use a non-adjustable scope. The FFP and SFP is also a neat concept, but does 4.x really need both? I think one type is adequate, or perhaps one scope of each just to keep things easy to understand.

  3. We already have rangefinders, I guess you mean that you want these to have the red laser with them? Or are the lasers invisible like the current ranger finders are? (if so we already have them in 3, I’d assume they’d be included in 4.x). And a big fat No to those calculations being required. No one is pulling out a calculator just to shoot someone. Only if it’s minuscule at normal ranges and only comes in to play at extreme ranges.

  4. I’d keep zeroing relatively simple and independent of those calculations as well. The simple 100m ticks like PUBG has should be just fine.

  5. That was a very long process just to shoot someone! /s

Overall, I do appreciate that you spent hours making this thread (especially on your phone). However, most of it feels like the type of stuff you’d see end up in Arma, not Unturned. Keep in mind the intention is to be more realistic, not on par or exceeding the level of realism that a game like Arma has. Some parts are just too much, but there are a lot of good aspects that could be included.


If unturned has arma 3 has ArmA 3 sniper mechanics… IF

Molton Montro already addressed this quite well.

IIRC Nelson is already looking into having zeroable sights. I’d assume adjusting a variable power optic would work the same way, and other sights would be adjusted to specific increments, which would not necessarily be 100m of all cartridges.

It’s still quite vague on how the actual process will work. I’m not sure if he means that you can change them, or if they’re just found with random variations (that are permanent) already in them.

That sounds alright.

It means that you will find them with permanent ramdom vriations, if Neslon don’t change that.

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Textile variation (and by extension, reticle variation) is not something you choose whenever you pick up an item. Of course you could dye clothing though.

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Alright, thanks for clearing that up.

Did you know this post is the guide post and also a small suggestion post?

And do I even said about this:

Any, Any kind of sights CANNOT change their reticle IRL.

That’s awfully unrealistic and what (the French) parts will change the reticle? And you’re overreacting about this.

And yeah, I don’t even want tok much scopes
But unlike the gambling machine, if there’s a various scopes or sights, Many people will research them and know that what scope or sights is good for me.

Yes, I know.
I can be wrong
And baby you’re too headstrong
MUSE - Madness

Well, I agree, But in real life, Many Telescopic Sights have the magnification dial, For example but as i mentioned, the Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14×50mm have the Minimum power if 4.5 and maximum power of 14(.96), meaning that you can adjust your scope’s power if you want.

NOTE: PSO-1 cannot be used on other rifles, since it’s optimised for the SVD, and if you tried to use it on other rifle, the indicator will became useless.
And you already know, Low power rifle scopes (ACOG or PSO) cannot change the power value.

Yes, we need both.
As I freaking said both FFP and SFP have the advantages and disadvantages.
FFP can be too thick to aim farther at maximum power
SFP cannot rangefind or shoot properly when it’s not a maximum magnification.

Did you watch the video? The AN-PEQ/23A Have the IR(infrared) LASER or Visible LASER.

I want either one: The Visible LASER that can see through my eyes or the IR LASER that only can see through the IR sights or the Nightvisions.

Everyone does when they shoot the long range target

Also stop using the /s, this is the freaking discussion, not the bulls sarcasm post.

The /s does not fit the sentence, why do you use it? It looks very awkward to see.

I want serious people or reasonable-and-understandable-reason bringer, not the freaking sarcasm writer.

I like the debate and discussion. If you don’t like it, be serious please.