MRE Eating More Realistic

The Unturned MRE eating animation is boring, so let’s make it so you eat it just like the soldiers in real life which would also take you 10 minutes, like for example, opening the bag and then making the food by crafting it, hot water + (something MREey) = (something MREey).

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I think someone already talked about this and i would show you the exact post but idk how to do that so yeah : P

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Man…that’s too realistic unturned is a game why should people wait 10 minutes to eat?

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What makes more sense is different eating time for each food. Right now you can eat an mre as fast as a potato. While MRE has a big impact on hunger and thirst, potato doesn’t have that much of an impact.
Edit: This is what happens when you don’t read what you’re typing. I legit just confused carrot and potato lol




This topic was discussed before, multiple times. Don’t want to be rude, but yeah


Yeah i didn’t know it existed

nah, its a really bad idea tbh

an MRE has a bunch of different food in it, so it should be like a package you can open and the different stuff would come out

MREs should accurately reflect the appearance, contents, and variety of real world MREs of the given place and time

Why not make them as food containers that has MRE exclusive consumables?


I heard someone else say this but MRE’s should be like an “ammo box” of food, meaning they’ll have food inside at pristine condition. When you find an MRE you can open it and you can see stuff like processed foods like “Processed PB & J sandwich” or something like that, with the intention of very very slowly degrading.

Other foods like sandwiches in general should degrade much quicker so you can’t keep a dozen grilled cheese sandwiches in your pants for days and weeks and still stay healthy eating them.

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I like realism, but realism for realisms sake is bad. Giving players the ability to spedn time to prepare higher quality food, sure. Forcing you to spend X minutes to eat soemthing, no.
Maybe give the players the ability to properly preserve food via drying/salting/canning and maybe even vacuum-sealing (assuming you have a fully built out base, heaps of gear and such obvioulsy, not just willy nilly)?

Mres will just be abandoned in favor of food with faster eating animation.
Also solving that problem by making all food animations long is just yuck.
Although, what we could have is a more complex cooking system.
Maybe that could be @GreatHeroJ’s next megathread

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Two words; nested storage.

It’s not a new idea, just opening up the MRE to choose to eat the individual contents inside one by one. This is a topic that has been discussed more times than I can count, and nested storage (which is already implemented to a notable degree as of current) will make MRE eating “more realistic” by allowing you to portion as you would with a real MRE pack.

(If you’re unfamiliar with what nested storage even is, I’d strongly recommend doing a lot more research on the features of UII, but nested storage is essentially the ability for there to be storage within other storage, and for storage to be self-contained. This has a massive variety of applications, with MREs being one of them.)

@Syero ha ha, I’m already burnt out to all hell from the Human Powered Transport concept and it’s currently exam season for me so you’d have to wait a bit before seeing anything out of me anytime soon lol.

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