Random suggestion that won't break the game

You guys know I like to keep it short and simple so here we go…

1 - Parcels: For those who don’t know what a parcel is, it is basically a group of items packed together in a piece of cloth/paper. As for the suggestion itself, I want Nelson to add parcels which can be scattered around the map that include about 3~5 items of seemingly equal rarity. These little suckers were made by the survivors who tried to live before us, but knew they couldn’t make it, so they made parcels to help those who come across the same path they took. When a player picks up a parcel, it is simply named “Parcel”, no “Food Parcel”, “Building Parcel”, “Gun Parcel”, “Scrap Parcel”, or any other version of that. A player, when looking into his/her inventory, will have the option to unwrap the parcel, giving the player the random items inside which can all be food, or materials or random items. The player also has a tiny chance of getting an item of epic rarity if lucky (could be Pizza, or Concrete for building). These things can be used to give those in need a leg up in survival. For further explanaitions, please leave a comment.

2 - Horde Nights: Basically, all it means is that every night becomes some sort of a horde mode, having the xombies going after all nearby players, pushing the players to the edge as well as pushing the importance of building a base in order to protect yourself long enough until daylight comes in. Now as Nelson (may have) said awhile back that there will be roaming xombies around the map and that they can navigate the entire map rather than just a city, upping the difficulty by a good margin. That way roaming xombies will start targetting the nearest players as well as the constant respawn of these green shits. If the player can’t be targetted, then they will target the nearest player-made structures (bases) and tearing it down slowly, depending on how sturdy the base is. The amount and difficulty of xombies targetting each individual player depends on the amount of time they have spent being alive as a way to balance it

3 - Blood Trails: Pretty basic and simple. When a player is hit with a sharp object or hit with a bullet in a place rich in tissue, the player will start bleeding. And for realism purposes, the path that the player takes will be marked by blood until the bleeding stops. Can be used for cinematic videos and such. Can be turned off for extra performance for those with Hamster-Powered PCs.

4 - coming soon

5 - coming soon


I like the idea of the first suggestion actually, they could have notes inside which can have different types of texts like the coordinates or location of a nearby parcel or easter egg etc. Also regarding the second suggestion; the horde nights… do the hordes get increasingly shorter by each night? At the end of each week theres a stronger horde signalling the end of the week? If yes, it seems like a pretty cool idea and yes roaming zombies would be great.

Well, I was thinking that horde nights stay the same difficulty until each 7th or 5th day which is when Mega Xombies start spawning

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I like the first suggestion, but I definitely loved the second one.

That would be a so The Last Stand touch for Unturned, that would be nicely awesome.

Also, for not making this so OP, moon phases could affect zombies’ agression degree, depending on how exposed the moon is (funny that zombies are treated like werewolves in that sense in this game).

To explain this better:

  • New moon: (almost totally concealed moonlight) would make zombie to not horde raid during nights.
  • Waxing crescent: very first level of zombie agrresion during nights, low degree hordes at nights. Every phase after this increases gradually the intensity of hordes, in matters of distance of targeting and aggressiveness level.
  • Full moon: everybody knows what happens here. Zombies at maximum aggressiveness and targeting range.
  • Waning gibbous: from this phase, aggresiveness level decreases with each phase, until it reaches new moon again, and the cycle repeats.

Cool suggestion, huh?

For those who doesn’t know what game is The Last Stand, here’s a screenshot



I like both of your suggestions and would love to see them added to the game, but for the second idea, I think it would up the difficulty if the roaming zombies could not only be single zombies but multiple instead and it could be a random amount, this would make it so players have to be cautious while attacking roaming zombies because there could be more nearby that attacking and killing one of the zombies could attract, this would also force players to build in more remote areas as then the roaming zombies may not wander around and far enough away from any cities so that they can’t attack the players base (This would rely on how the roaming zombies spawn), this would also increase the time players would need to be out of their base to loot because they would need to spend more time walking towards where they want to loot and back which could increase the chance of them being spotted by roaming zombies.

1 — yos
2 — nah

The second suggestion might make it a little too hardcore for most players, especially fresh spawns on servers. A good compromise could be that if you have a base that has been up for x amount of days a horde will come and try to destroy it that night. (somewhat like 7 days to die) That way only players who are strong enough to need that difficulty spike get it, and newbies don’t


I said in the topic that newcomers can go to the water to escape the trouble since they have nothing to lose on the ground. They can stay in the water till daylight comes in, unless that person is willing to go in, grab a weapon and defend him/herself


Why not? :confused:

I totally think parcels could give way to lore like notes and journals, but also things like having multiple notes give slight clues about the location of a valuable cache of supplies. Things like coordinates, nearby landmarks, and compass bearings.

Either way parcels would give the world more character.

I also like horde nights, but to be balanced, they would usually not attack buildings unless it was a full moon or there was a player hiding on one.


7 Days to Die???

  1. yus
  2. yus
    Why do people not like the idea of having to defend your base against a horde of zombies each night?

See my reply from like 6h :point_up:

Neat AF.

yeah I saw, XD

I really like the parcel idea but the horde nights could need some tweaks. It could be a full/blood moon thing similar to 3.x. Since having every single night would be a bit harsh and yes 4.x will be survival and difficult but having this everynight would be over the edge.

And about new players waiting in the water seems a bit weird. Nelson said there would be new factors like temperature so swimming in water all the night would mist likely just make you freeze to death or just drown after a while. The way the xombies chooses targets should be tweaked and the amount of xombies because otherwise you would basicly get offline raided by xombies all the time or get an army of them after every single player.

Maybe the free roaming ones could spawn more often, have better stats and be louder or other ways to alert players (give them heart attacks). And small waves or groups of them would attack the player and bigger hordes may apear in cities instead.

I like your idea especialy the parcels but the “horde nights” needs many tweaks/balancing.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

or you could just get on top a skyscraper and watch the zombies try to get up to you. but there would still need to be a way they could get up to you, like say a stairway. you can close all the doors in it and it might last the whole night before they get up to the top? I dunno

I’m all for parcels and defending bases, but I’m not really a fan of joining a server and having to wait in the water until daylight, at the risk of a horde of zombies waiting to maul me on the shoreline. It wouldn’t be that fun to join a server just to wait in the water and do nothing until the day.

Like previously said, you could try and book it for a weapon, but that’s assuming a bunch of zombies aren’t waiting on the beach for you. Also what Joda said with temperature being added, you’d probably die from hypothermia before daylight came.




Stay cool dud

That’s kinda the point. 4.x is definitely gonna be harder than 3.x, and having a horde mode every night would add to the difficulty and pushing players to make a base as soon as they can. Making daytime the place where people strive for survival in the harsh lands of Unturned

this would be interesting in singleplayer xd, imagine, every zombie on the map heading towards your base to try and rip your face off and eat it… then barf on the fake eyelashes. if you would wear fake eyelashes in the zombie apocalypse xd
lol xd
(sorry had to make this joke cause of this picture xd)
Btw this is from a comic, I didnt make it ALRIGHT… I wish I had tho XD

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