Climbing mechanics

like parkour but more simple
the only example of what im saying is the one from doom (2016)
just to make movement feel better

Goddamn it…
Put some more EFFORT into your post!


You could’ve at least tried.


It’s planned. Do ya hear me? It’s PlAnNeD.

too bad u cant press space bar to jump

How about vaulting? Like in PUBG.


You should be able to shoot while vaulting, but with much less controllability.


yes! we want that action movie crap in here :stuck_out_tongue:
tried to find an image for this but failed.

sorry im kinda new to posting
i usually shitpost so idk
that was just an idea bc the movement in unturned always felt slow and crappy

Just a heads up, next time before you post it’s a good idea to search for similar posts.

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