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Pistols are compact so they are a good sidearm . If you have a rifle you would use it since it is better (if you know when to use different fire modes and how to control the recoil if not it could be worse then using a pistol) but the rifle is a bigger target and it is more easy to disarm someone with a rifle and if you get disarmed you disengage from melee and wipe out your trustwordy pistol . But we dont see a lot of disarming in video games so pistols cant use their compactness all that well but they can still be used if you run out of bullets for your main gun or just look badass by ditching the rifle and go akimbo :slight_smile:

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Its not linear, and I can say the same thing about you repeatint yourself not wanting anything to be better. I gave you plenty of examples and arguements, you obviously havent even read my replies properly then.

You literally said its dumb that freshly joined players dont win a lot of the time when rushing geared players…
What are you even saying? You are saying that if someone has a slightly better weapon then you they win 100% of the time guaranteed and you cant do anything?? What?? You do realise a person with a for example “Hawkhound” can still kill a player with a “timberwolf” right?

At this point you are taking my words completely out of context and I am dissapointed.

This is the quote you posted. ^

This is what I said in my reply. Stop taking my words out of context to try to gain arguements.

I can say the same about you. Useless part of the comment.

Are you actually kidding me right now? The military uses RIFLES and other bigger weapons, they use it because they are BETTER THAN PISTOLS. They have a pistol as a BACKUP TOOL. NEVER, EVER will ANY militaryman use a pistol in ANY scenario if his rifle is working properly. You know what military also uses? Knives! That surely must mean that knives are better in combat than rifles!!! Why would the military use them otherwise???

You can stab people trough metal plates… and no metal plate will stop a bullet unless it comes from a BB gun…

Its easier to disarm a pistol then a rifle, but still you can see that pistols arent better than rifles, and I think thats common sense. SIDEARM.

You dont even understand what “Ad hominems” are, and I never used them. You saying I speak gibberish makes you sound like an apsolute hypocrite considering you put almost no effort to atleast spell SOME words properly.

If you are close enough to disarm a rifle you still may not be close enough to disarm a pistol and it is way easier to move a pistol away then it is a rifle so idk if it is easier to disarm a pistol but that is not the topic so yeah

hmmm yes lemme try to disarm my enemy in a firefight when he’s actively shooting at me


I mean if all you have is a baseball bat then you might as well try or maybe you want to capture them

You can yoink a long gun much eaiser than a pistol.
“What is leverage”
“What is muzzel control”
“What is holster retention”

Rilfes are not flat out superior to pistols. Pistols have their niche(s) (CQC, EDC, CCW). Granted, rifles do have the upper hand in the average milatry stlye firefight, but you would not know that since you have proven time and time again that neitehr physics nor past expierences in real life have any bearing on anything you say.

Okay, so what is this

then? Instead of adressing the actual argument(s) you just went “lolno your spelling bad”.
Yes, more often than not I cannot be bothered to put in the effort to spellcheck. You know why?
Because ignorami like you will just disregard them anyway.
It is blatantly obvious that you have both never fired a gun, rucked or wore soft/hard body armour (which is fine, most people have not) but you also did not even bother investing two minutes of thought into the matter. If you did you would have come ot the conlcusion that most conventional militaries issue substantial sized backpacks and platecarrier because guess what, that is what helps you get the upper hand in most engagment situations.


Long guns are easier to manipulate. This cuts both ways. Meaning that it is far easier to disarm than a pistol. If you’re at disarming distance, you’re definitely doing something very wrong - CQB environment exempted.

Then again, Unturned II doesn’t have a disarming feature.


Yes, they are, its common sense.

What in the world did you even write that contributed to the topic? How could I avoid your “arguements” when you literally didnt write any. You contribute nothing and your comments are useless.

This is all you wrote. Good one.

Every single one of your comments is just some idiotic assumptions which most of are lies. Thats it. Nothing to add to the discussion, in this case about “gun weight”

Spelling properly means people can read and understand your comment, its basic communication, but on the other hand it might be better if it stays this way.

They are big in terms of backpack, but they arent HEAVY.

This guy literally ignored my post and just continued criticizing this dude’s spelling to contribute to the argument.

You do realise it takes time to read all of the posts and respond? Calm down already and do something instead of complaning how i didnt respond yet

Could have just replied to my post then, but instead you waste time and write that. :upside_down_face: Sounds to me like you’d just like to ignore me now, which i’m perfectly fine with btw.

Except its not a 100% guaranteed to win… thats just a lie. Fake statistics. I could find a video of a person with a rifle being killed with a pistol, what then? Your entire statistics shatter. If you are good enough at the game use the pistol and kill somebody.

I dont know wether to laugh or cry, did you seriously say the military should carry 2 rifles instead of a pistol??? Its called a SIDEARM. The answer is in the name.

You CAN also kill geared up players as a freshspawn but its DIFFICULT. You have to punch them a lot!

Rifles arent objectively the best weapons in the game, but they are objectively better than pistols and melee weapons in game and in real life.

It CAN be difficult to win a pistol-rifle fight if they player with the pistol is skilled enough.

When did i ever say that? I specifically said that is wrong and inproper

There you go. Its not ignoring, you just have to realise I can write 1 reply at a time



You very heavily implied you think going up to someone with a rifle using a pistol/melee weapon shouldn’t be possible. Now you’re saying it should be? That’s what i’ve been getting at all along, it’s hard but possible, by exploiting disadvantages. But if they have no disadvantages to exploit, as you want, how do you do that? Sounds like you’re trying to inch over to my side to make me feel like i agree with you, when you’re agreeing with me.

And what are these?!

The first literally is just you agreeing with me, (Which you never adressed, btw.) the second contradicts what you’re saying.

Read them posts son, slwoly.

Okay, then why do cops not carry rifles 24/7? Why does basically any mdoern miltary in eixtance issue them?
Why do people still buy them despite rifles being available?

So you are trying to tell me that all rifles have over pistols is bulk, no mass?
So you are trying to tell em that you can shoot full battle rifle loads out of sub-compact frames?

HAve you not heard of the HK Mk 23? It is purpose built pistol, built as a main weapon.
Please do point me towards a single assumption and prove me wrong.

As for the topic, guns have weight, and that shoudl be reflectecd in game. A good idea would be draw time, although I can see other forms of handling penalties (like sway for example) work as well.

i feel like this post took all the attention away from mine

Whaaaat? No, couldn’t be…

  1. Policemen dont carry assault rifles when responding to some calls because they dont want to look indimidating responding to noise disturbance call, they also dont carry them there because they have their HANDS FREE.
    The best part about this is that police officers DO HAVE RIFLES but keep them in their cars and use them for reports of an armed suspect etc.
    The funny thing is they started to issue them after pistols proved to be too weak.

  2. They issue them as a SIDEARM. "SIDE"arm. Meaning its a SECONDARY weapon. If in any way you lose your ability to use your rifle, you still have a temporary compact firearm capable of killing enemies. It isnt good to be left with no protection in the middle of the battlefield. Soldiers WITH NO PROPER WEAPON (eg. Only a pistol) will try to get a proper weapon ASAP.

  3. People buy them because they are cheaper, smaller, and you are able to carry them CONCEALED. Its called CONCEALED CARRYING. Nobody will go to the store with an assault rifle straped around themselves.

Use common sense.

That HK wasnt made for primary use and it was first made for the special forces which is very different from the classic army.