My Suggestion for Weapons Slots in Unturned II

A lot of people have created a similar post, and I do not want to steal credit. Please take a look at their suggestions before looking at mine.

In real life, soldiers are given varying amounts of weapons, whether it is just 1, 2, or 3, or a lot more than that. There is a special forces unit in the Russian army, and in the Israeli army that carry up to 5 weapons including:

-Compact Pistol
-Grenade Launcher
-Assault Rifle
-Battle/Marksman/Sniper Rifle

It looks ridiculous, bit it can be done. The knife can be mounted on the shoulder, the two pistols on the hip and shin, the grenade launcher to the back on the left side, the Rifle to the back on the right side, and the Assault Rifle to a chest strap in front. It all depends on the clothing, gear, etc you are wearing. It also depends on your weight, skills, etc.

It would be cool to have a similar feature in unturned, where what you can carry is based on what gear you are wearing, how much you weigh, your skillset, etc.


Too “arcadey” in my opinion, especially when the weapon slots are almost softlocked behind what type of weapon it can carry.

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I think the intention was more that if you have an available sling and nothing on one of your shoulders, then you can sling another gun over that shoulder, not that the left shoulder should be the dedicated and exclusive grenade launcher slot.


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