Random NPC Scavengers or Hunters in the forest

I know someone already have this idea but maybe hunters,bandits or scavengers

HEY! Btw if your wondering why the fk am i using scavengers i am very sorry for that, idk what else to describe a group of people in the forest trying to kill you

When your in a forest exploring or getting woods you will find a group of people in a camp with guns and
other dangerous weapons.They will chase you, until you will get out of their territory if you managed to escape well good for you.If you didn’t manage to escape their territory then your dead you will be chased by them and then they will throw spears at you or shoot you with a bow or a gun.When you get killed by them from far away from their camp they will do an animation with your to drag your dead body to their camp and skin your dead body.And your loot will be placed on their camps wich you will find them after you killed them all,arrest them or make them slaves

I made this Topic because in singleplayer i felt lonliness and there’s just zombies and good NPC not trying to kill you and they just keep asking you to do task for them cause they are LAZY or its maybe hard for them to accomplish a task.

Hope you like it:blush:

You should have looked around before posting this topic. This idea has already been discussed a fair amount and the answer has always been some degree of just “No.”


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In total. Thats 11 posts including yours. People seem to really want this, but it’s important to see who exactly wants it. The answer is people who think Unturned is a free to play blocky PvP game. Unturned 4.0 is going to be more focused on survival. Having raider NPC’s could possibly severely damage the survival feel if not handled correctly. If Nelson were to listen and put Raider/Hostile NPC’s in the game they have to be implemented in a way that won’t damage Unturned’s main point of playing it, surviving.


Going off of what @AnimaticFreak said, the idea is definitely wanted by people - including myself - but these extremely complex suggestions such as free roaming, specific animations, and more simply will not and can not happen, and people need to realise what is and what isn’t feasible.


ok :pensive:

a lot of people are saying “the game will be 100% survival”
and the others are saying “WE NEED GUNS AND PVP” (example)

THe game cant be 75% survival and 25% PvP??

I’m not saying we should cut out any elements of PvP, that’s just unnatural and boring. What I’m saying is that since Unturned is a survival game, its focus shouldn’t be on PvP-esq elements. We can have PvP but not to the point that its intrusive to the very genre Unturned is fitting itself into.

tbh, I would rather have npcs that if they spot you shooting at someone, they will attack you, would make it so you dont get murdered when your trying to survive by getting food/ if your new to the server. It should also be the same if you raid a base, except maybe if the base has been empty for a long time then you can raid it without npcs attacking you, just a idea because wouldnt you try to defend someone if they were being attacked?

all the point in vanilla is fighting with other ppl
this is what makes this game so fun to play with friends, you can do EVERYTHING and this is what i like :slight_smile:

Why not just have it be a setting like every thing else is; therefore the people who want it can use it and the people who despise it don’t have to?

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agreed, also, this isnt a necropost people, it adds valid ideas

Like aj said, this is a necro, plus your post doesnt provide any usful information. BTW you cant make everything a setting.


Ehhh ure right tbh. Though it still adds ideas, plus you CAN disable spawns for stuff XD, server owners do it all the time. (Please dont remind me of the x10 loot servers T-T)

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