Writing books

While it was possible with Unturned I , books were often unused , useless .
So to change this , I brought you this idea I had which is writing books .

how does it works ?

In Unturned I, books acted as a barricade and you could write few lines on it .
This suggestion would overhaul the book system to a Minecraft like book writing system . You would be able to find 2 kind of books , normal books , already written on and blank books . While you wouldn’t be able to write on normal books, you could be able to write on blank books . To write on the book, you would need a writing tool ( pen , feather pen ) . While the pen would be consumed every 3-5 books, the feather pen would be empty every 2 books but could be reloaded with a ink cartridge .
You would be able to edit your book Infinitely until you press a keyboard key to disable editing.

why would you write a book

Several reasons would make this a good idea , First of all, the lore of a map, this seems the main reason books could be used . But books could also be used to write diaries, coordinates ( treasure hunting ) or secret codes ?
Or why not … a skill book .

skill book

Here you are , your blank book in your hand … you have no idea what to do with it … why not write a skill book ?
That’s it, let’s write one .
First of all, you would need a blank book, ofc , as well as writing tools . Then, you would need experience , let’s Admit it’s 5 times superior to the experience you used to unlock this skill . Finally, you would need the same skill you want to save on the book . That’s it , you saved your skill, which let’s say give you fighting competences . Your skill is gone , you will have to relearn it . But !
This functionality allow to learn a skill at 20 % of the experience cost , and this, without being consummed .
If you die and lose a skill, the book allows you to get it for cheaper , but it can also be usefull to help a friend get good skills faster or even play as a librarian rp ( you sell skills to players ? ) .
You could also potentially attach some texts to the skill book of course .

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You quite literally murdered OP


Possibly . Of course this is a suggestion and thoses ideas are an approximative idea of mine . It would of course need some tweaks

I like books, just as a tiny addition to the game. Might be cool with RP servers, but I think the skill book is a bit weird and OP. Also this might be best left to modders, but I wouldn’t mind normal and blank books to be in the game.

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