Unturned II Bandits

How about an Entity nqmed Bandit that can move trough the world and loots to all houses. Groups of Bandits? They have guns and aren’t friendly to you…

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Again? Really?


Already confirmed on the Trello.

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I dont mean it like an easter egg or a quest. I think that they spawn normaly like cows or zombies.

I know you’re new here and all, but bandits are single-handedly the most oversuggested thing here so that’s why other users might seem a bit mildly annoyed at your post.

Dynamic NPC bandits with AIs that wander and can fight are confirmed by Nelson for UII at this point. Welcome to the forums, next time try to use the search function for an idea you have to make sure it hasn’t been already posted.


I understand.


yes, indeed

No bandit is a match to me

So you think you’re a badass Huh?..

We need to fix that.

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